8K Cinema RAW Light coming to the EOS R5 confirmed by Apple?

i still make a lot of money with 1080p especially with out low quality streaming sites and social media is. it might take forever for 8k to be as relevant to the masses.
That’s not what it will be used for for a while. Ken Burns made the effect of where he shoots at a higher rez, and then scans around the frames, sometimes zooming to a portion. That’s a very good reason to use 8k. That’s what 4k is being used for for 2k production.

I also know people who shoot at the higher rez and then bin down to get better sharpness and s/n. This is for video as well as the well used situation with stills. I’ve done it many times myself.

with Tvs now at 4K, with nary a 2k model even at low price levels, 2k shoots have tapered off dramatically. So 4K has been normal for quite a while, even before 4K Tv became popular. It’s called archival shooting. You shoot for future formats, and final produce for current formats. It’s called purposing. An edit list will just as easily work for a final 4K edit as it did for the 2k edit.

so now we’re beginning to see shoots in 8k, edited down to 4K, with eventual release at 8k.

while I’m not a fan of the idea of 8k Tv, and for most purposes even 4K is a waste of viewing, it is what it is. People are going to want productions in the rez they bought, whether they can see it from their seating distance or not.
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