Canon EOS M6 Mark II promotional video appears to have leaked

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Jul 20, 2010
It looks like an official promotional video for the upcoming Canon EOS M6 Mark II has leaked ahead of next week’s announcement.
Canon EOS M6 Mark II specifications from the video:

32.5mp APS-C Sensor
RAW burst to 30fps
Up to ISO 26500
Eye detect AF
AF capable down to -5 EV
4K video
FullHD at 120fps
Removeable OLED viewfinder

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32.5MP at 14 fps seems like a lot of throughput - I would have thought it would be a double Digic 8 or 8+ based on the performance of comparable cameras (i.e. M50) using the Digic 8. I wonder what that will mean for throughput potential of the next R bodies?
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Upvote 0 a different thread, I wrote this:

What I like about the M6 II (so far) as far as ergonomics are concerned:

(1) In my hands, the ISO was too easily accidentally changed in the M6 I. It looks like this has been changed.

(2) In my hands, in certain specific usage patterns (i.e. dangling around my neck with a non-stock [much-smaller] strap...while mated to te 18-150 lens), the camera was able to turn itself on. There are threads on this at a couple of places on the 'net. It looks like this has been changed, too.

(3) It looks like the focus position, when the viewfinder is attached, is more like the m5 in that you can move it around on the touchscreen with your fingers

I will buy at least one.



(4) examining the video a bit more, the ergonomics, for me, are also improved in that exposure compensation is more like the M2 (and the S90 and S95) than the M6. A big win, for me.
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Shut up and take my money. And a viewfinder is THE LAST THING i want to see on this. I buy into this camera due to its portability and stealth factor paired w/ the 22-2. I do NOT want this to be another bulbous consumer plastic blob with something as tacky as a viewfinder plopped on a compact low end camera. That's what my high end cameras are for. For me this is street stealth all the way. Besides the best viewfinder is often the back screen. it's like 10x bigger to start with... superb Canon!

I do like the AF / MF switch. I'm an original M user since launch day of the original M, all the Ms after that. Huge M nerd. I hope this new M6II has increased sensor performance. All I really care about as I shoot singular stills. For action I have my XT3. Don't need the speed but it'll be nice to have.
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TL/DR: In my mind, the M6 (with the optional viewfinder) is the flagship.

With the M6 II you must choose between viewfinder and external flash/accessory. I believe the M5 II might have additional differences, possibly a bit larger body with a full tilty-flippy display? The downward rotating LCD in the M5 I was not exactly convenient. If I were Canon, form factor/ergonomics is definitely how I'd differentiate the bodies.
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No mention of dual pixel AF. Maybe the sensor is sourced from Sony? They buy Sony sensors for Powershots so why not? No 4K crop, insane throughput, .. smells at least like Sony. Or Canon really developed something completely new and there were no rumors about it..

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