Canon EOS R5 pricing is still unknown, don’t believe the reports [CR0]


Dec 25, 2017
R5 - $3999.00
R6 - $2499.00

The S1H which in my opinion is the most similar to the R5 was $3999 at launch.
The S1 which in my opinion is the most similar to the R6 was $2499 at launch

No other cameras in my opinion are in Canon's league so to me it doesn't make sense to compare the R5's pricing to Sony, nor does it make sense to compare it to the 5D since everything is more expensive now including lenses. Inflation and the currency exchange rates alone today compared to when the 5D launched means this body really should be over $4000USD.

For those saying they can price it low and make up for it in volume...what volume? Dedicated cameras are targeting a rapidly shrinking pool of potential buyers, the only way Canon is going to make anything off of this camera is to price it appropriately ($4K+) and sell it on specs alone. If they really were going for "volume" the RF mount would be the same price as the EF mount lenses.
I agree. Though I think that the R5 got the potential to be sold in higher volume than the 5D IV - because it offers both, great photo AND great video specs. Something that the 5D IV greatly missed - the 4k video features where realy bad (VERY bad rolling shutter, unhandy codec, very big crop factor, bad audio preamp). I think the R5 is going to be attractive to a bigger audience.
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Run | Gun Shooter
Mar 13, 2020
I agree. Though I think that the R5 got the potential to be sold in higher volume than the 5D IV - because it offers both, great photo AND great video specs. Something that the 5D IV greatly missed - the 4k video features where realy bad (VERY bad rolling shutter, unhandy codec, very big crop factor, bad audio preamp). I think the R5 is going to be attractive to a bigger audience.
I think there are two sides to that discussion. When the 5D IV launched video was not as important, and there were more potential buyers of the 5DIV than there are now. Really the only ones who suddenly started hyping video were YouTubers which then spread to regular camera buyers; who were 'influenced' by all of the YouTubers. Sony saw their window of opportunity and filled the video gap for years while Canon did nothing; but this all happened after the 5DIV launch.

Ironically Panasonic has been there all along with amazing video features in their MFT format but because it was MFT pixel peepers dismissed them and bought into the FF Sony marketing hype. The S1H and S1 was their response to that but they ******* themselves by going with a proprietary L mount and expensive new lenses.
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Canon Eos R3
May 3, 2016
For me the only question on price is whether I get the R5 and a 28-70 or just the R5. If it's between 3500-4000, I'm grabbing a 28-70 as my first RF lens, but any higher and the 28-70's just gonna have to wait until 2021. Almost jumped on a like-new 28-70 for $2200, but really need to know how much the R5 is before making that decision.

If they do price it anywhere near the 1-series, the R5 better beat my 1DX mark II for sports, that's for sure.

The 28-70 is too big to make carrying it regularly practical. I’m happy with my RF 24-70. I already have the trinity, so it’s a given I will add the R5 also. I disagree with the poster who said it does not have 1D specs... I think in many ways it surpasses 1D specs. That said, I do hope if they price it in the $6k range they give it the bullet proof build of the 1Ds.
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I just can't see this thing being $6700 when the A7RIV is $3500.
Exactly. A7RIV is the competitor here. Also Z7 is around $3500. So it's highly unlikely the R5 will be priced significantly higher than Sony or Nikon.

In case they decide to still charge money for 8K and set it around $4500, I think I'll be switching to Sony. I don't care much about the video specs. I'm loyal to Canon but not that loyal.
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Go Wild

Dec 8, 2014
This is overpriced and I do hope it is not the correct price. If it is, it will make me reconsider the purchase. Although I do think it is a fantastic camera, this is too much for a mirrorless. The most expensive mirrorless of the market is the A9II and its priced at 5300€. I do consider the R5 superior to this one, but the price is out for about 1000€. If it´s not a competitive price that people can wont be relevant to make a hell of a camera! That´s why I don´t care about Ferrari´s, I will never going to have one! :D

Well....Now, realistically...If...and IF the camera has that price, of course for what the camera give to you it´s a price that Canon can Justify. However, i think that it´s a price that the market will have trouble to justify. We are living hard days. We see brands droping prices because of bad sales. We (the photographers) are passing hard moments...Jobs cancelled and for example my friends Wedding photographers are out of job for the whole year! Canon must take into consideration the actual market situation. This is... if they are interested to get a very high sales camera...Otherwise I don´t see a lot of people buying this one. I may do it, i have skipped the 1DxIII to wayt for this one, but damn....this is too high...Yesterday I was sure I was going to buy it...But I always thought that 5300€ was the limit´s 1000€ more...DO HOPE this is wrong and the price will be around 4900€ or so! ;)
The A7rIV is an inferior camera of course, but it´s priced 4500€....
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CR Pro
Mar 22, 2012
Considering professional photographers business's and wedding photographers are severely hit and will be from some time to come Canon would want to be careful with the price they do set. They will have no trouble selling the first cameras but will struggle to sell alot if they keep a pre Co-Vid 19 mindset on what price they can achieve. For alot of people buying an overpriced camera will be the last thing on their mind.
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Its very difficult to actual get images that are THAT sharp, to actualy take advantage of the 60mpixel. You need an incredible sharp lense and ideal conditions to get an actualy tack sharp image with so many pixels
61mp against 30mp on say 5DIV gives only 41% more resolution, I don't think it takes incredible effort to get sharp images from Sony on a tripod.
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CR Pro
Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
Based on the agressive pricing that Canon has used for the R and the RP, it should be in the range of USD 2995-$3495, no more. Sales are dropping for digital Cameras, people don't have a lot to spend, and it costs only a few more $$ to make than a R, plenty of profit so a high volume of sales is what they want. They have already said that they want to get lots of cameras out there, because they drive sales of the much more profitable lenses.
I will 2nd this! I also think it will come out between $2999 and $3499. That will be a true salvo across the bow of Sony! It will more than just introduce a new body, it will also launch those coveted Canon RF lenses into eagerly waiting hands across the world! :D
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CR Pro
Jul 18, 2019
After all it is the 5D equivalent in mirrorless (Canon language) ... so we should expect rather USD 3,500 - 4,000 ....

Everything in their mirrorless line is more expensive than the EF equivalent. This camera has specs that are so much better than any other camera it’s not even will be priced accordingly.
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May 11, 2017
I think the R5 may have the chance to replace a lot of photocameras in all kinds of works AND a lot of videocameras. It has the potential to be next allround-camera that the 5D II was once. In this position it can be worth quite a LOT of money.
6700$ is certainly to high, but I think a higher pricing than the A7RIV is certainly justified. Given that its very likely to be a way more capable photocamera and MUCH more powerful videocamera as well.
Well, Canon thinks it knows what costs it has to cover, and has estimates of what the price/ volume curve looks like. Unless they really overran on their development costs, my guess is they have a camera that they can make money on at a price below $4000, and maybe at $3500. I think they are going to go for volume rather than high margin on each unit.

The 5DIII came out at $3499 in 2012 and the 5DIV came out at $3499 in 2016. In today’s dollars the initial price of the 5DIII was $3900 and the initial price of the 5DIV was $3700, and volume isn’t what it used to be. My guess is that that the R5 will be $3799-3999.
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I'm New Here
Sep 9, 2015
I was told by local Australian retailer that the Australian retail price will be between AUS$6000-7000. If it is $6500 it will be about US$4000. Generally US prices are cheaper than Australian price even when converted to Aus price. So I suspect the retail price in US to be less than 4k. More like 3.5k
It cannot be over Aus$10,000 as that’s about the price of the 1dxmklll
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Pixel Peeper
Jan 31, 2020
Not in a million years is it that expensive. Canon has made some gaffes, but they're not that daft to say it's targeting the 5-series market then price it double what that line typically charges. My guess is $4,499 at launch. After a couple months then it'll be selling at $4,199 or even $3,999.

$3999 is the maximum it can go in the current climate. or they could price it slightly higher, and offer an immediate trade-in discount/rebate. pricing it at $4500 would limit the potential customer base to those who are either professionals who really need the camera, or those who are well-heeled and largely unaffected by the economic downturn.
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