Canon has pulled firmware v1.2.0 for the Canon EOS R3 due to a bug

Which leads me me to my next point: testing a pro camera should cover basic functionality like factory reset. Missing that the mode dial stops working after a factory reset is a big blunder.
Two words: Regression Testing.

I would expect Canon to be heavily into automated regression testing, so that all functionality can be tested every time they make a modification of the firmware.

This should not just cover basic functionality (like factory reset) but all the functionality. The problem with the factory reset testing is that they probably just confirmed that a factory reset occurred, not that all functionality has there after the reset.

But more users find more ways of using the product, many which wasn't anticipated by the designers and testers.

Which leads us to the observations made by Brooks back in 1975 about SW development that More users find more bugs.
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Oct 4, 2011
... not defending Canon, as they should know better, but other variant as been the memory cards, in special the cf express type. I think there are various issues, as they are not controlled/specified by Canon. They do advise/recommend quite a few, but not to say they are all error proof - and then indeed peoplefind new ways to use the products
This update is indeed a nice feature, and not everyone will use it but it does expand the camera's usability. I would still like to see some other UI or setting improvements, but above all that next updates become more reliable
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Canon recommends resetting the camera to default settings (via the menu) *before* performing firmware updates. Existing settings can be saved to a memory card and then re-applied after the updates. They also recommend that the lens is removed prior to updates. I suspect that many people don't do either.

Resetting the camera simply returns it to default settings. The firmware version remains the same.
I didn't know these recommendations and so, yes, I never did it
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