Here are more specifications for the Canon EOS R5

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Jul 20, 2010
Here are the more specifications (no video information) for the Canon EOS R5. As for the video features, I think we know just about everything about the Canon EOS R5.
Canon EOS R5 Specifications
With the newly developed effective pixel number of 45 million pixels full-size CMOS sensor high-speed signal readout, high-speed processing of new image engine “DIGIC X”, high performance “RF lens”, the highest resolution performance in EOS series history Achieves both high image quality and high-speed continuous shooting.
● AF performance is improved as “dual pixel CMOS AF II” by high-speed signal readout of the new CMOS sensor and high-speed processing of new image engine. When “Face + Tracking priority AF” is set, the distance measurement area is expanded to a maximum of approximately 100% (vertical) x maximum 100% (horizontal) of the screen. Furthermore, when shooting still images, the AF frame is automatically selected from a maximum of 1053 divided areas.
● Supports the...

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Sep 2, 2018
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5.76MDot OLED EVF is very good to hear (or should I say "see"). :)

Was hoping the back LCD was higher res than 2.1 MDots, but I'm sure it'll be OK.

Is there an intervalometer? Man, there better be, for such a high-tech video enabled camera. Of course, it can be added in firmware, but you'd *really* expect it to have one.

What about bracketing abilities? Any chance of "aperture bracketing" as a new feature?

No LivdND or software ND feature mentioned. Hopefully it will be mentioned tomorrow. Will be really sad not to have this.

No night star focusing and tracking ability? Too bad, but I can live without it, and it can be added in firmware update hopefully.

And, what was the "big new thing" for photographers?
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