Here are more specifications for the Canon EOS R5

Jun 9, 2020
4K HQ is better than regular ( pixel binning ) 4K ... Regular 4K has no over heating issues. 4K HQ and 4K120FPS have over heating issues.

May be R6 is better. Nobody talks about R6 4K overheating issues. R6 has 4K HQ donwsampled from 5.5K. If there is no overheating issues, then maybe R6 is better option.

R6 has overheating issues in all 4k modes according to a canon rep
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"I feel like I’ve been overwhelmed with info the last two days, ha!" -edited
I suspect everyone feels that way that's been following this. If you plan on using these cameras for video than it's probably a good idea to give things a little time to sort themselves out. We aren't going to know any more until production units start shipping and that isn't going to be for weeks/months.

Assume everyone who is making claims on the overheating is probably advancing their own agenda because nobody really knows the extent of the problem. Probably not even Canon and certainly not me. ;) All will be made clear in time. Not much more to be done about it right now.
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Just curious, did you call and ask for these extra items? I am not seeing them on the website as included with purchase.
Is this the benefit of speaking to a human instead of ordering online?
Yes, I think it is. He asked, "what else can I get you?" I said, "Well, you commonly sweeten deals with some cool add-ins and I could use a CFast card. Can you help?" I didn't think I got too greedy, but then he's was pretty accommodating. I paid for the adapter (EF to RF) but I had a friend call in, talk to a human, and he got that for free.
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CR Pro
Jul 8, 2020
I don't give a flying f*ck for video specs.
Chelsea and Tony can suck my tripod.
Everyone carries a GPS tracker these days, why built one into a camera when you can use the one already there.

I shot indoor sports and this might be the perfect replacement for my 5DIV as 2nd camera.

Battery capacity too small? I shoot only around 500 pictures with my second cam (28-70) per game. So I can change Batteries in halftime. Most use is player portraits and team shoots.
The eye detection even with helmet will help a lot bc normal AF focuses on the front of the helmet. No time to do spot-AF. It will be interesting how clear visors will affect the eye AF. I have a lot of shots where the focus is on the slightly scratched visor.
ISO performance of the 5DIV is already very good. I shoot up to 12.800 with no problems, even had some ISO 20.000 that are usable. If the rumors are true that the R5 is one stop better regarding noise, even better.
Moire? Filter? Couldn't care less
Flippy screen unprofessional? Get a life dude. Lots of overhead and ground shots even in sports
Shutter speed no more than 1/8000s? And? Your point is?
I watched that Tony and Chelsea video last night. Holy hell I can only assume they are butt hurt that they were left out of getting the pre-production unit and wanted to damage Canon as best they could. I don't think they had a single good thing to say about the R5.
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Which Canon rep? One with whom you spoke personally, or one who said this on the web? If the latter, kindly provide the link. Thanks!

There is a youtube video about it. It is made by pro av tv.

R6 overheating issue is said steight from the horses mouth:

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