Just a reminder: Canon Rumors has launched a Discord server


EOS M6 Mark II
Oct 3, 2015
Until this post, I had never heard of a Discord server/application before in my life.

And I do IT work (system admin, etc) for my day job....

I played with IRC a lot back in the day....I remember bots on those....but never a voice type thing.

I've not really "gamed" much since the Doom II and Descent days....geez, I"m guessing old I guess.

Depending what area of IT you're in you may know more of what is under the hood an a lot of the tech industry not just game orientated places use it. I don't game much these days either, exception being occasional sim stuff with mostly DCSworld with few friends when we all have free time at same point (not often). I came to it via a none gaming route a while back trying to find alternatives to skype that worked well between friends and family mixed windows and *nix users that used Opus codec but didn't require everyone in the pool to be capable of proper manually configuring things as some users struggled with that part when found ideal [for me] candidates. Despite it starting as another mumble/teamspeak style low latency voip client aimed at gamers initially it is quite different now and many IT related companies use it for none voip related stuff in place of news syndication solutions (not that anyone uses RSS and likes now), traditional forums, social media platforms and so on as an all in solution.

The discord bots are much more like plugins than irc chat bots and some features don't translate so well as to what makes it different without looking into it more. For instance a friend uses it primarily for voip phone to comp and a chat/IM tool on his phone but has a bot managing some aspects of his servers when he is out and away from his work comp for instance. So maybe worth a look in for you. One thing I'll warn you of since seem same age as me is you'll despise the UI (it is UX schoold of design led really if splitting hairs) as it is god awful and one of few parts I detest.
Aug 7, 2018
I discovered Discord just this year as a great place to discuss about the Coronavirus with people from many different countries. You will not miss any important Corona news there, because there will always be someone who shares it. It could also work very will for Canon related news. So I am happy to join this server.