New Canon EOS R3 orders may be delayed for more than 6 months

Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
Apr 5, 2016
Have you noticed the pandemic? Lol. Even the grocery stores aren't fully stocked anymore.

Your 'a few years from now' comment is a bit hyperbolic. But imagine this - Canon, Sony, Nikon see the supply chain issues. Decide to hold all launches for 2, now maybe up to 3 years. What would this forum look like? "Photography is dead". "The big 3 have abandoned us" "Wow the iPhone killed the camera market way faster than we thought it would" "Better sell my gear now and find a new hobby before any more resale value is lost".
Meanwhile, Canon, Nikon and Sony camera divisions lose income, reduce development, new products take longer to develop and get released in to a market that convinced itself the sector was dead, sales go down further...

Or you can see the development advancing, but you have to wait a few months for your gear. Which is better?

It's not so much which is "better", because neither option is good.

It's more, "Which is not as bad as the other?"