Here are different ways to cool the Canon EOS R5, watercooling and more

It is not his opinion... It is based off of at the very least the ECMA-287 Standard. I believe that Europe has adopted even stricter standards for electronics and wearables.

Anything that is continuously held by a non skilled person should be limited to a surface temperature of 43°C and below.
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Canon's design is likely more aimed at keeping that 82°C away from the external surface then it is about cooling the camera.
  • Heat pads vs thermal paste.
  • no real heat flow from the thermal pads to the back of the Camera.
A skilled engineer (and Canon has loads) knew what they were trying to do an it appears they achieved it.

Safe operating temperatures.
Hmm, with the mod actually only the back reach 50, other parts of camera not reach that high.
Even without any mod, CF card slot could reach 57 already (base on Lensrental's article).
So I assume that, even with the mod, the part of camera that would be continously hold is slightly above the 43 degree threshold or even lower.
The hot back which reach 50 is still under the threshold for "touched shortly" and "maybe touch".
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I shoot professionally for a large media company, short and long form productions the R5. Most of my shooting is Run & Gun but could literally be 16 hours of shooting. I also use cinema cameras for extended shoots but my everyday cameras is the R5 and the 1DXmk3 and I've never had a problem.
Do you shoot 8K or 4KHQ all day long without any overheating issue though?
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Nov 2, 2020
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Do you shoot 8K or 4KHQ all day long without any overheating issue though?
No I don't. And i don't want to. Its not made for that kind of recording. I use a Ninja V when I have to travel super light and need to record 4k HQ lengthier projects with R5s but I have other equipment for long form.
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Update for anyone is interested in the mod.
I have modded my own R5 with thermal pad as in the video.
My R5 is out of warranty, and I got degree in electronic as well as some years working experience. My comment about the process is that it's simple enough for an expert/technician but very easy to f*ck up for any newbie.
I'm using the best thermal pad which is not conductive with the heat transfer rate is 17W/mK (Alphacool) of 1.5mm and 1mm thickness. There are better performance thermal pad which is graphite-based (50+ W/mK) but those are electrical conductive and can't be used here.
I use the stock alumnium piece unlike the copper one in the video. At first I just want to test and order the piece to be laser cut later. But the thermal performance is so good that I don't order anymore.
Result: ambient temperature was about 37-39 deg C those day (summer), no direct sunlight hit the camera. Camera was put on tripod and recording the street. I don't have CF Express card so I could only test 4K HQ with my V90 SD card. The camera recording 6 hours straight, all I do is hit the record button every 30min, and replace/format SD cards. Touching the camera is just slightly warm, don't feel any unconformtable at all. After 6 hours I don't think anymore test is needed to conclude simple modding will fix the overheating issue.
Firmware 1.3 at the test time
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