Why canon?



Well... I decided to buy a DSLR in mid 2010. But the rumors stopped me: both Nikon and Canon were about to replace their semi-pro bodies (D7000 and 60D were supposed to be arriving). So, I waited until the new models were announced.
The D7000 seemed better than 60D. So I decided to buy the black/yellow model.

But at the on-line stores one could just make a reservation for the D7000, and the shipment date was unpredictable.

I consulted some (italian) forumers, and they told me that my idea was correct.
Yes, I could start with a full-frame sensor: a second-hand 5D "classic", which costed more or less as much as the 60D.

December 2010: I bought my 5D "classic" plus 24-105 F/4 IS L.

Now: 70-200 F/4 IS L and 100mm Macro F/2.8 IS L have joined the 5D, and the lack of a "Nikon 70-200 F/4 VR" lens is one of the main reasons why I can't conceive the idea of switching to Nikon.

Edwin Herdman

May 6, 2011
I chose Canon mainly for their more flexible tilt lenses (Nikon calls theirs PC lenses for a reason - PC starts with just plain ole' shift lenses, and they're still catching up to the Canon lineup). Nikon does very well with some of their primes, and better than Canon in a few (I keep reading that they're better reputed in wide angles and wide zooms, at least until recently).


May 12, 2011
I got a Canon Vixia camcorder in December 2009 and thought it was awesome. But then I was over at my neighbor's (pro photographer) and he pulled up a random video he had recorded at his last photo shoot. I think my reaction was "That's the most HD shit I've ever seen!" Then I did some research, and ended up getting a T2i/18-55 kit.

I was told I HAD to get other lenses, so I started looking and these were some of my noob thoughts:
1) I got 18MP yay, that must mean it's better than this guys 1DII since it's only 12mp!
2) Why are there so many 70-200mm and 70-300mm lenses?
3) I already have an 18-55IS, why is the 17-55IS $1000 more?! For 1mm!?
4) Why is this 85mm cost $1800 more than this other 85mm? I'm not sure what this f/number means but it's only .6 difference so how much better could it be?

I didn't know jack about photography but knew I had to learn if I wanted to use the thing properly. Took 20,000 pictures over the following 8 months and decided that DSLRs were something I wanted to stick with.

I bought a 5DII in November 2010, followed by 11 or 12 different L lenses over the course of 2011, gradually narrowing them down to the ones in my sig. I've shot a pretty ridiculous amount of video, recorded over 60 bands with 2 5DIIs and a 7D, its pretty crazy how much you can learn in 2 years. Thanks Canon.


Oct 16, 2010
Another reason I like Canon is because people care about Canon. There is a lot of interest in their products, a lot of knowledgable people using their cameras and lenses, and a lot of resources available. There is a real Canon community out there which makes being a Canon owner more enjoyable.


Sep 20, 2011
I love my 7D, my 5D2, my 24-105mm f/4, my 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, my 16-35mm f/2.8 II, and my 580 EX II's. They're great. I love Canon. It just feels right. My Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is ok.


Growing up, all of the really good photographers I knew used Canon SLR bodies so I was turned on to the name before I ever started my photography. I learned photography on a Pentax but I always had those old photographers prasies in the back of my mind. Then when I was reserching to buy my first digital camera I really begain looking into the Canon range and comparing it mainly to Nikon ( which by that time I had heard plenty rave about). I noticed that the Canon lenses were much less exspensive than the Nikon comparibles with no hit in IQ differece but with some give in build quality on the lower end. I knew I would want to get deep in whatever system I chose so the price differece was a big deal for a broke collage student. I bought the rebel xsi and haven't looked back.


EOS 5D Mark IV
Jan 19, 2011
As an older guy the bottom line for me is Canon's Heaven Assurance Program (HAP). If you're a Canon user when you die, not only do you have an assured place in heaven -- but express check-in.

No such assurances with other brands.

Sure puts my mind at ease every time I pick up one of my cameras!

Minnesota Nice

The video mode. By far. I use it more than I take pictures.


EOS 5D Mark IV
Aug 8, 2011
distant.star said:
As an older guy the bottom line for me is Canon's Heaven Assurance Program (HAP). If you're a Canon user when you die, not only do you have an assured place in heaven -- but express check-in.

No such assurances with other brands.

Sure puts my mind at ease every time I pick up one of my cameras!

+1 ;D ;D ;D Love it.


Bought my first Ixus 400 ages ago and since then I've been hocked.

That camera actuality got stolen by a pensioner during a bank visit (long story) so I rushed into a Camera-store and bought a cheap "good" camera that was recommend. I needed a camera for the coming weeks vacation.
He gave me an Olympus somethingsomething...
Don't remember what what model it was but after having it for one week I returned it because "He said it would be as good as my two/three year old Canon" and it sure as f**k wasn't.

After that I didn't have a camera until I bought the just released Canon EOS 40D.
Nothing more to say...


Started with a film Pentax SLR because my dad had some old Pentax-compatible lenses. I never bought lenses for it because I wanted a system that would last and had a wider choice of lenses. Jumped into digital with Nikon Coolpix 990 in 2000 before dSLRs were available. Jumped to Canon with the 20D in 2005 because it was the best at the time. Been using the 20D (even now) and will upgrade to 5DIII, whenever it comes out. I like it that Canon stuff is usually less expensive than their Nikon counterparts. Plus this forum is so much more civil than the Nikon one.


Nov 15, 2011
I jumped to the canon boat when I decided to make the switch to FF. Since I needed to replace all my DX Nikon glass anyhow I figured I might as well try the other camp. So far really happy I decided to do it :)


Jan 21, 2012
Alberta, Canada
willrobb said:
So, why are you all canon users? What makes you choose canon over Nikon, Pentax, Olympus etc?

Way back, I bought a Powershot A80 (within weeks of it being discontinued, I got one of the last ones still for sale). Then, a few years later, when I needed to get an SLR for my reporting gig, I was already comfortable with Canon. I asked around and was told I couldn't go wrong with either Nikon or Canon. So, I stuck with Canon and bought a Rebel XS. It's served me well.


My situation was very similar. I had owned a Canon point and shoot in the past and decided to stick with what was familiar (even though the P&S and DSLR are nothing alike....). Canon and Nikon were the only real two options for me and I think I'd be happy either way, but I do love L glass.


Aug 6, 2011
My reason's a bit lame but when moving from a P&S with little knowledge of DSLRs and lenses it was largely based on 80% or so of useful introductory YouTube videos seeming to use a Canon, plus most local stores seemed to stock a bit more in the Canon range than Nikon. Anyway after some brief research I saw their market share was roughly equal, so gathered it was a bit like a GM versus Ford argument so I'd just go for the system that seemed to offer the most Internet and local support. Now I'm a bit more informed never regretted it ;D.


EOS M6 Mark II
Feb 21, 2011
In 2009, 2-3 months before I even thought about buying a DLSR (P&S prior), I went to the annual exhibition for the National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition at the Natural History Museum in London. Didn't occur to me at the time, but when I decided to go down the DSLR route, I recalled about 70% of the photos on display were taken with a Canon, as opposed to Nikon.

Simple as that!
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