Here are the buttons illuminating on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III


EOS 5D Mark IV
Apr 25, 2011
It's really helpful for night photography when it's cold. If you can't feel the button through your gloves and can't see it either, it's really easy to hit the wrong one regardless of how well you know your camera.
Canon added full touchscreen support to 1DX III. So, now you can nose-control it, as long as you can find the Q button (which is an illuminated one).


Sep 24, 2012
Hi Botts.
Have you tried tactile differentiation through gloves, not cotton gloves, proper winter gloves? It doesn’t work well! :unsure:

Cheers, Graham.
I'm in Edmonton Alberta, so I'm no stranger to the cold!

My winter shooting setup is, thin liner gloves under mitts with tethers. When I'm between shots the right mitt goes back on, time to shoot, shake the hand and it'll fall off.

Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
Aug 9, 2018
Nuh, the rest of the buttons illumination will be available via a service centre upgrade at charge.
It will also require a battery upgrade to accomodate for an increased power consumption levels due to additional LEDs.
It is all over Internet this morning. So must be true.
Internet never lies!


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
Oh hell, I was just going to say backlit buttons won't help me much because I press the wrong ones in broad daylight :(
I seem to be very good at subconsciously regrding the button with the red dot on it as a power button, but only on my Lummox point and shoot, where the power button (the correct one) is actually a button rather than a lever like on my Canon ILCs.