Here is what Canon is announcing next, including the EOS R7, EOS R10 and RF-S lenses [CR3]

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Jul 20, 2010
It looks like we have a few surprises on our hands from Canon, as they gear up to announce new products this month, which is another pleasant surprise.
Canon will announce the long rumoured Canon EOS R7, a camera we leaked the specifications on yesterday. There will also be a second camera, the Canon EOS R10. We’re going to assume that the Canon EOS R10 is an APS-C camera that will likely take the place of the EOS M5/EOS M6 Mark II. It was rumoured quite some time ago that Canon would announce multiple APS-C RF mount cameras.
Canon will also announce a couple of RF-S lenses.
Canon will announce the following gear...

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Sep 20, 2020
R10! Interesting..

I’m guessing then in the future we’ll have the R20, R30, R40.. As such with the 70D, 80D and 90D. The R7 is obviously the 7D line replacement we’ve all been waiting for!

Time to save££££££!
That was not the best naming system.
The 90D has to be the end of the line since they ran out of numbers.
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I posted this line-up as a suggestion in September 2021 (and even earlier) in another thread:

In my opinion Canon would need a line-up like this to attract customers:

R10: crop camera
R9: RP replacement - entry level
R8: R replacement - (full-frame) enthusiast allrounder...

R7: crop-pro camera - I hear y'all birders :)
R6: you know the deal

R5/c/s: spealised version and all-around work horse
R3: professional sports/ wedding/ wildlife pros

R1: do it all in perfection camera

This line-up would have several entry-level/ amateur options, semi-pro and pro options. I'm sure Canon will come up with a similar line-up. Entry level might have even more options if there are really three crop-cameras coming.
R5s is surely coming at one point, so will the R1. After the upcoming announcement we are almost there! :) For four years in the making and two of those years being hit with the pandemic, it already looks like a great line-up.

Just missing the R9/ R8... the latter one would attract me :)
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Mar 25, 2014
If they launch a new platform with 18-45 and 18-150, it's probably not going to be interesting anytime soon. I'm afraid they will continue with 18-200 and 18-300 :confused:
I am very much interested in 18-45. Hope it is small. That is my range for shooting handheld video.
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Nov 15, 2011
So looks like they pushed the R7 announcement up again? Was March, then August, now May? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I do hope someone makes an EF-M to RF adapter. It'll need optics, so it can be a speed booster as well. But just a plain optical adapter would be nice as well. Don't want to re-buy my EF-m stuff in RF once/if my M50 stops working. Knew this day was coming. Loved the M. Will miss it.

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