IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Our friends over at Northlight received some information about a possible upcoming EOS R camera. After some direct communication between us, there appears to be some validity to the information.
    First up, this is another source pointing to the inclusion of IBIS on an upcoming EOS R body. We were told previously that the IBIS system simply wasn’t ready for the EOS R release, though there were prototypes with IBIS floating around during testing. It’s safe to say that Canon will embrace IBIS in an upcoming release.
    Secondly, is a 100mp EOS R in the pipeline? It’s highly possible. We’ve been told that Canon scrapped the development of an EOS 5DS/R follow-up and that their next high megapixel camera will be for the EOS R system. I don’t think we’ll see such a camera until 2020, as I believe there need to be some more native RF lenses announced to handle landscape and studio shooters.

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    Oct 26, 2013
    I am a bit puzzled here; I thought at first it was said it was likely 2019 sees a pro-R body; most likely the one with high m'pix?

    The pro-R body will not likely be the really high MP body as high MP is somewhat of a niche product. Note that the pro-DSLR (1D line) has a comparatively low MP and the 5D line has a middle of the road MP total. That is the MP range (low to middle) that the majority of pros apparently prefer.
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    This reads more like an obvious prediction of where the camera has to go, because the entire market is headed in that direction.
    I hope Canon puts IBIS as soon as it is ready, it has been a very long wait for a competitive small mirrorless dual purpose video/still camera, and IBIS is one of the missing features. Add a decent 4K implementation and we're off to the races!
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    Aug 25, 2015
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    When people think about 100mpx being too much, they forget about the bayer filter that essentially means the accurate colour resolution of an image is 1/4 of the total resolution, because each of the 100 million pixels on the sensor is only receiving either red, green or blue light so the colour information from four pixels (at least, more in more complex algorithms) is required to generate the colour for a single pixel. Generally this isn't a big problem, but if you have images with large areas of predominantly one shade, such as a green plant or a red dress, the real perceptive resolution of what that sensor will provide will be significantly less than the 100 megapixels.

    So, downsampling a 100 megapixel image to a 25 megapixel image would give you a 25 megapixel image with, assuming an ideal lens, the optimum sharpness and colour accuracy.

    Is this important for most people? Of course not. But there are certain tasks, such as high resolution reproduction of artworks or natural objects, where capturing the finest detail accurately is important, and for that a 100 megapixel EOS R can't come soon enough!

    Of course at 100megapixels diffraction is going to be a real bitch, but that's another thing altogether!
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    Oct 29, 2012
    afaik official sources said the next mirrorless FF will be an entry level model.

    only rumor sites wrote the next one will be a pro model.
    I really hope if they do go to that high of a resolution that the sensor tech to back it up is there. Specifically DR. With files that size, it will fill cards like crazy and liberal bracketing will be much less convenient as a work around. Otherwise we wil have the same situation we had with the 5dsr...the highest resolution, but older sensor tech with lots of shadow noise compared to the competition and even the 5d4. Why not just make a 50 mp version that uses a state of the art sensor? I love my high mp bodies, but 100mp starts to decrease the general usability IMHO and we will be left with a niche MP body with OK performance and no A7R “equivalent” body again.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    When the EOS-R came out I was glad that Canon finally got into the higher end mirrorless game and the new RF lenses looked great. However, I did not abandon my 5D4 and rush to switch to mirrorless. I am waiting for the next version or two to come out. A 100mp sensor is not something practical for my use but I suspect that there will be other models that are an upgrade from the 5D4 (EOS-R) that will be more pro like but with a MP sensor in between what is out now and the reported 100mp. At least I hope so. Also price will be a limiting factor for me.
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