Is another f/2 zoom coming from Canon? [CR2]

It's not even about the money for me but the size. Give me a small M6 type camera with a nice touchscreen interface and few tiny, good quality lenses and that's all I want for most of the time. No, I don't want a massive R5 with 24-105 for a city break or casual shooting, no matter how amazing it is.

But the smallest camera Canon is offering is the R50, which is still much bigger than the M6 and the worst kit lens on the whole market.

Thank you Canon, i think i will shop somewhere else!
I have currently settled on the R8+RF28mm for small trips, but I very much miss the size and convenience of the original M+22mm. I haven't found a non-Canon equivalent off the original M or M6II yet. Fuji comes close but seems a lot bigger and pretty much every equivalent lens in that system is 3x the price.

For next weeks trip I would have brought the EF-M55-200mm, my coworkers from that location post pictures of dolphins, possums and squirrels a lot. For the R8 I'd need to bring the 100-500 and that really won't fit in the single bag I packed :)
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Yes, I’ve eyeing that lens, but apart from next week, I don’t have any non 100-500 trips planned for 2023.
If I spot something extremely interesting on day 1, I might head over to Best Buy for a 100-400.
On this mornings walk to the office, 1km along the shore next the San Diego airport, I saw the following things that were both noteworthy and within 20 meters:
  • Too many squirrels to count
  • 3 hummingbirds
  • 7 dragonflies
  • 1 osprey swooping down and catching a fish
  • 1 bunny
  • a platoon of marines jogging and doing the as-seen-on-tv left-right-left singing
  • a small ray swimming 2 meters from the shore
So next time I'll bring a telephoto zoom and budget more time for the morning commute :)
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We have been told that Canon is planning a second RF mount f/2 zoom to “compliment” the remarkable RF 28-70mm f/2L USM, which is one of the best zoom lenses ever made. The source didn’t know the focal length of the rumored lens, but did say to expect it some time in the first half

See full article...
Seeing the current $600 instant discount on the RF 15-35/2.8 IS made me wonder if there is something in similar focal range that they are planning.

update: 12 hours later and that deal is now gone. Hell of a deal.
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