Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development


Feb 25, 2015
[..] It's no different on jpeg or raw for processing time for HDR, it's just very very slow. I assume this is a processor issue not a sensor issue, so I would hope that Canon look at using third party sensors that are outpacing their own to keep up with this aspect of photography.
Or more likely, Canon hasn't cared enough to make it fast and treated it as a checkbox item "HDR? check!".

Back to the current state of things, someone on the DPR EOS R forum mentioned that a tweaked picture style can get you close to what your phone does, have you tried that yet?


Feb 14, 2014
All this talk of 8K (and 4K). What will be filmed on these cameras? YouTube vlogs? Low budget short films? The next potential Oscar winning epic? I never see discussions about 4K/8K that talks about what these cameras will be filming, just people obsessing over the technology. I’ve yet to see anything on YouTube that would improve if filmed in 4K. It’s like saying newer cameras won’t improve your photography. If you are an inexperienced filmmaker, 8K/4K won’t help.