A little bit more about the upcoming Canon EOS R6 [CR2]

Dual memory slot in 6 series camera body is unlikely. Apologies.

I agree it's unlikely.

This for many, many reasons would be a game changer. The biggest reason is, while all the bells and whistles of the 5 series are great, many people (like myself) would immediately turn those down in favor of a dual-slot 6 series camera and save the $1,200 - $1,500.

Canon has pushed people up to 5 series cameras on this feature alone since 2012. 6D body size was plenty large enough to easily support a second slot....we know very well that many would have skipped the 5D and done just fine with a dual slot 6D for their wedding and portrait shoots.

The only way Canon is doing this on the R6 is if the R6 is limited in a big way across many features. I don't see that. But who knows...with the camera market shrinking each year, maybe Canon is softening up finally.

Sony isn't offering 2 slots in that price range. Doubt Canon would up that. Unless they want to entice people away from Sony, but at the expense of the 5R? I doubt it. Canon didn't do that against Nikon's $2k range cameras....
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What Canon needs is the iPhone SE in full frame mirrorless world... an entry level device with fantastic guts that will buy people into the Canon family and make them Canon loyalists for a lifetime. So Canon if you can do the R6 for $999, you'd toss Sony to the bottom of the sea in a few short years. Lots of people are still on Rebels or old A6000s and need a cheap reason to switch to Canon's superior glass portfolio. Only question is if you're the company to do it.

If Canon upped this further and did a FF $799 model... game over.
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