Is a dedicated astrophotography EOS R coming in 2019? [CR1]

In regards to colour/white balance for normal use, there are filters available to correct such problems called OWB (original white balance) filters specifically for astro modified cameras. If Canon is indeed coming out with an astro specific camera there’s is no reason why they can’t incorporate some kind of built in filter of that kind into the design. Think about the potential for example shoot the Milky Way in the modified form to capture as much colour and nebulosity then drop down the white balance filter to capture the foreground.
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That could be an interesting option. Just think about an EOS Ra and an EF mount adapter with integrated IR blocking filter for daily use. Could be a great cam for all people shooting astro and nomal stuff
Exactly. An astro Ra was my guess last week. I hope this is for real.

Regular cameras remove H-alpha reds to make pictures appear more the way humans see light. The earlier Canon astro cameras do not have H-alpha filters which is important for many deep space objects that are heavily red such as nebulae. You can use astros for daily use, but pics will require correction in post unless you use filters.

If an astro Ra is really on the horizon, I
hope Breakthrough follows with a great filter!
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And this makes marketing sense because it would be such a big seller compared to a mirrorless 7DMII replacement or a mirrorless 5Dsr replacement?
Yes. And like a lot of other Hobby photographers I know, I occasionally do astro-landscapes or wide- to mid-angle astro stuff, but my main work is photographing architecture or people. An EOS Ra with an elegant option to apply an IR blocking filter for daily use could make me upgrade my 5DIV to the R series a bit earlier than originally planned.
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And this makes marketing sense because it would be such a big seller compared to a mirrorless 7DMII replacement or a mirrorless 5Dsr replacement?

It may not sell particularly well or not, IDK, but compared to the alternatives you mentioned it should have a very low R&D budget as it doesn't require the redesign of the whole camera :D.
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May 11, 2017
There’s a good-sized class of astrophotographers who feel that “If you can see the ground, it’s not an astrophotograph.” Their targets are deep sky objects - galaxies, nebulae, etc. They use dedicated cameras, not usable for terrestrial photography, but which have the crucial characteristic of a cooled sensor (often down to -10 or -20C). That’s because their exposures are often tens of minutes! Think of the noise....

I guess I’m not sure who an XXa camera is for?
Right now, it is just something to post about. As far as I can understand, there is absolutely nothing that has come out of Canon to support the notion that Canon might be thinking of making an XXa camera, let alone working on a camera to be released by the end of the year. It is all guesswork based on a rumor that Canon might release a wierd R model camera this year.
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Yeah seriously I don't think Canon is releasing anything like that. A camera variation based on an existing model (e.g. just remove an IR filter and get a new camera) - possible. A camera with an absolutely new sensor - highly unlikely. It will not pay off.

With Sony threatening to release a camera with a 16-bit sensor I doubt Canon will offer anything like that in the near future, basically whatever Canon releases as a high-end camera is going to lag behind, but they will try and overtake the low-end (which is happening already), so likely the next R-series camera will be one below the RP. Maybe without the viewfinder as some people have already suggested.
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Apr 2, 2015
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I don't think very many people would expect a camera like this, but I also think that Canon knows that market potential is even smaller than what it had with the ultra-high-resolution 5DS/5DSR - I only personally know two photographers that bought that it must not have been all too popular.

I think this would be a misstep, especially considering the knee-jerk reaction of the camera market...everyone is expecting a 5D equivalent and if another camera gets released that isn't that...the internet will lose its mind.
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Dec 31, 2018
Timing would be good for launch 64mpixel 5R . With M5ii and 90d launch it would be good chanse for game change. Tactically good move.
If high resolution R is 120mpixel 5R must be 64 when looking earlier ratios.
Launching astro camera now ,with vague rumour would just annoy peoples.
Look that huge RF85 ,they clearly prepare double or triple megapixels o_O
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Jul 16, 2017
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An astro version could also be something that is taylored for lucky imaging of planets and such. Maybe with a removable IR filter too.

Something like a 24MP 10 FPS continuous raw shooting Mirrorless camera would maybe not compete with webcams and the like in terms of pixel density.

But with a Mirrorless camera, using electronic shutter, it would at least beat a current SLR for that purpose.

Plus it would at least replace the 7D to a degree. Meaning this would be one camera so cover two niche markets.

Looks to me like we'll have a boring summer leading up to quite an interesting end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 in terms of Canon releases. Wonder if the long wait indicates that we'll really see some new technology.
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May 29, 2019
Actually, this makes a lot of sense. Modified 7DII's have been an Astro staple due to their low intrinsic noise. With the filter adapter installed, an Astro R would be perfectly usable for everyday photography with the correct UV filter, but more importantly, that filter adapter makes for a very cost effective way to look at specific Astro wavelengths. The market for such a camera might be bigger than you think and it doesn't need blinding fast readout speed, just a low long exposure noise level (something none of the review sites bother to talk about). We have already heard that the R will AF on stars, so that would be a bounus.
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Aug 18, 2017
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