New information about the upcoming Canon EOS R5C [CR3]


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Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
I understand very well, thanks. Can't say the same for you, though. But that wasn't really my point. To review, here are the images:

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Now, here's what you said about the images:

Please show us your clear understanding of how those two images look the same. Because to anyone with a functional brain behind their eyes, those two images are different.
You make your point using a logarithmic simulation. I doubt that the point changes much with a linear approximation of Raw. But would the fact that three stops on the dark end occupy a tiny fraction of the whole, and three stops on the light end would be most (?) of the picture alter the practical effect?
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Dec 25, 2017
The "Cinema" shooter in me wants a cheaper C70 with unlimited 6/8k, internal NDs, and professional in/outs.

The "YouTube" shooter in me wants a better EOS R with 4k60, No Crop and IBIS and USB-C Webcam.
Maybe get the R5 with the atomos NInja V+?
Offers very good internal recording options, 4k60 and 4k120 without a crop. Quite good recording time internaly and unlimited 5k60 raw and 8k30 raw in the atomos.
If you use EF lenses you can get the internal Vario ND with the canon adapter, which works great in my experience.
In-Outs are not great though - micro HDMI sucks, no doubt. Though it can be worked around with a cage and the atomos, which offers another audio input and another full size hdmi out. The cam itself and the atomos can be easily powered with a battery dummy to a v-mount (with correct converter, otherwise it destroys the camera!) or to an outlet, in case you need unimited recording.
IBIS and USB-C Webcam is also included =)
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