So when is the Canon EOS R3 coming?

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Last week I reported that the Canon EOS R3 would be announced alongside the Canon RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM. This turned out to be a great failure for yours truly.

    It happens from time to time.

    After talking to a couple of sources that didn’t chime in on the announcement date, they did seem to think that the Canon EOS R3 was going to be announced before 3rd quarter of this year, but that obviously didn’t happen.

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    H. Jones

    Aug 1, 2014
    To be honest, at this point I'm expecting an August announcement date for a September release. It seems like they normally announce products with a month or two for pre-orders before release.

    I do wonder if them worrying about demand could imply the R3 will be more available to consumers than a 1-series, but maybe that's just fanciful thinking. If this was around $4500 that would open the market for this camera up significantly over the normal $6500 1-series.
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  • Feb 24, 2020
    Queens, NY
    I honestly think they’re wise to wait until production issues are ironed out. I would have bought an R5 if it was actually available to buy when I had a bit of liquidity in the fall last year, but the availability of the camera never aligned with my ability to buy it. Now I’m waiting for the R3 before buying any camera. There may have been a world where I bought the R5 last year and the R3 next year. Now I am likely to buy one or the other. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Canon did lose revenue from this one particular buyer, at least for now.
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    Jun 28, 2021
    I suppose their R3 roadmap is also connected to the availability of their new super-telephoto lenses in market and sufficient stocked.
    Here in central europe, some big shops expect mid/end of august for the first 400/600 lenses.

    Otherwise, we have a big lag of stocked RF lenses for the common target group of a R3.

    Until that is not fixed, Canon will not push the R3 in the market, I think.
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    EF 800L f/5.6, RF 800 f/11
    May 29, 2019
    I don't think there is any hurry. I got my R5 pretty early in the cycle and the new still hasn't worn off . The Eye AF sounds pretty cool, but strangely, I can still shoot pictures without it, so the wait isn't terminal. I really would like to see an up-to-date replacement for the M5, but that may need one more turn of the silicon screw before the processor will fit in the power budget.
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    Alan B

    1DX Mark III
    Feb 2, 2021
    They need to sort out the production of the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R and the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

    It was a nightmare trying to hold of one when the R5/R6 came out and its still showing "out of stock" now in the UK

    EDIT(02/07/2021) - Just looked in WEX(UK) and they are now both in stock!
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    Dec 8, 2014
    Not your fault that rumors go wrong! After all...Its all about that, rumors! :) During these years that I follow Canonrumors I got used to see pretty accurate rumors here and this is the only site I visit when I want canon news at first hand! So congrats for the excellent job!

    As for the EOS R3 I do believe the announcement is really close, one of the reference stores in EU has already listed the camera for preorders, so my guess will be around 20 July announcement and mid-end August shipping.
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    Still hoping for something official for the Olympics even if shipping will be delayed. Something can be announced and available for preorders before it's available for shipping, as long as all the specs remain the same. They could then have those who use it make videos of their experience with this "revolutionary new camera" during the Olympics. But I'm no marketing wiz and Canon have plenty of those so...
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    Motorsports Photographer
    Waiting for production gets ironed is the best way to go for sure. I'm also not that concerned about Megapixels as I am Price. Just let us know how much it is. I'm guessing around $5200 - $5800 dollars for it.
    They are being tested for sure in the wild. Larry Chen just got two of them yesterday from Canon.
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    Feb 17, 2015
    Yes, it is inevitable that sometimes a rumor predict will not be accurate. What isn't inevitable is the prognosticator then stepping up and apologizing for their error, like you always do. I LOVE this site and have learned to count on the integrity of the person making it go. This will not change that one bit :)

    Keep up the good work, really appreciate what you do for all us Canon users out there.

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    Up to now I think that it might be a strong reason that the malfunction of the IBIS of the EOS R5 is not fixed yet and delays the announcement of the R3.
    This is just true if the IBIS of the R3 is based on the same concept and implementation as the EOS R5.

    So hopefully they can fix this issue with a firmware update and no hardware alternation is required.
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    EOS R5 and EOS M50
    May 14, 2020
    Monterey, California
    I agree with what others on this thread have mentioned. You have always done an excellent job in getting us consistent and well-vetted rumors. I exclusively use this site for all my Canon news as I am always busy with something and prefer not to dig around for the relevant Canon information I'm looking for. My only other source of news information comes from Jared Polin. Rumors are rumors and there will be times where they do not come to fruition, but that does not take anything away from your integrity and how well you have run the website. Thank you.
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    They need to sort out the production of the Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R and the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
    If the RF lenses would be priced reasonably (EF plus 30% or so), there'd be a ton of Mount Adapters on the used market because people would be switching to RF glass.

    At the moment, I do have a spare control ring adapter but I'm more likely getting a used EF 16-35mm F4 instead of the new RF 14-35mm, therefore I need to hold on to my adapter.

    I actually intended to switch to RF completely, but you know the deal...
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  • Nov 7, 2013
    ... If this was around $4500 ...

    If this bad boy is $4500 it will be a no-brainer for me!
    Guys, it would be great if you were right, but...

    Seeing the R5 street price right now @ just below $4.000 I'd say that expecting a MRSP for the R3 at $4.500 is just a wet dream but far from beeing a no-brainer.
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