Canon EOS 5DS Replacements Coming Next Year [CR2]


Jul 31, 2013
For me it comes down to these things, I would like to see in a 5DSR II:
* Same MP. 50 MP is plenty and diffraction visibly sets in at f8 on most of my lenses already. Leave it as it is.
* OVF with kind of overlay function (Histogram, focus assist), Hybrid OVF/EVF (switchable) or go full EVF with high MP and fps for eye relief
* Better ISO performance (to compensate for higher shutter speeds for sharp pictures or in body stabilization - see below) and moderately better dynamic range. ISO should be prio 1
* Better overall performance (BUSY screen should be a thing of the past)
* Greater buffer and at least double SD UHC II or faster (two cards of the same card type), to clear the buffer faster.
* easy bluetooth and wlan configuration with remote access to the camera features (coming into play with the proposed "soft" focus feature down below), app support

* Focus assist + focus peaking for manual lens support is a must. AF confirmation, as of now brings you very close, but its only an afterthought as you have to wait for a beep, not knowing when it comes into effect. Focus assist is a definitve reference "where" the plane of focus is in that moment. It' easy and of great help. This alone would be huge for me.
* Perhaps in body stabilization?

* "soft" aperture control to simulate a declicked lens (small electronic increments of a stop)
* 4K 60p without crop
* LOG profile support
* Clean HDMI out

General and photo would be on high priority, "soft" focus should be farely easy to implement as of today. If both topics would be covered in this camera, it would be an instant buy for me and without hesitation. Rest ist nice to have.


Mar 7, 2014
dtaylor said:
applecider said:
Given premise that the more MP the worse the high iso performance...

This is a false premise except, possibly, for very long astro photos.

5Ds isn't good at high ISO became a meme in early reviews thanks to pixel peeping and Canon capping the max ISO at 12,800. In reality it's as good as any other FF when viewed at the same physical size, i.e. the same print size. A few sites figured this out and reported accurately on the 5Ds high ISO capabilities. One big one being Imaging Resource in their print quality section.

Even today, 3 years later, it's maybe 2/3rds to 1 stop behind the newest FF bodies at high ISO. (5D4, D850, A7 third generation.)

Correct, and its even only like that until iso 400 - after that 5DSR is on par with the 5DIV.
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